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May 28, 2007


Christine (myplateoryours)

Everybody who reads blogs has a little time to kill -- that's why blogs were invented! So keep writing!


Hi David,

Good to meet you! I stopped over at Christine's place and she invited us (readers, bloggers, friends) to stop by your place, say hello and welcome. So from me to you, your partner and the entire team at Blu Culinary Arts - a very warm Caribbean welcome to the blog world!

I'm looking forward to all your little notes, thoughts, pics and whatever else you'd like to share. Again, a hearty welcome.

I am adding you to my blogroll and daily feeds.

Terry B

Hi, David! Found your site through Christine's blog. Fun, funny writing. I look forward to reading more. And BLU Culinary Arts sounds like a great idea--bringing great cooking skills to hobbyists and food lovers. Your point about whether everyone needs to go to culinary school is well taken. The New York Times recently ran an article about students coming out of expensive professional programs and working for 9 bucks an hour, having no hope of ever paying off their student loans. Not everyone will become a celebrity chef--some will be line cooks just because they love it. And those skills can be learned in a working kitchen.


Thanks for stopping by Cynthia, terry B and Christine. I appreciate the encouragement. As a virgin blogger I suppose I am enthusiastic but a little nervous.

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