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May 25, 2007


christine (myplateoryours)

Hot damn -- good for you! I will watch the progress of the cafe with eagerness and heckle you on the blog front. What fun!

Sue AQ

Chocolate boy you rock!!! Please include your savvy triathlon tips...including one salted caramel every 45 minutes!!!


Now I can get both sides of the story (I'm sure you had a side on the oversized camel head story).

Looking at the photo of the storefront, I had a great idea. What if there was a sign that only said "BLU" in the middle window pane above the door, and then the windows next to it can have signs that say "cafe" and "cakery." And will there be a coffee sign? I'm getting excited because I get to hear about all this at work all the time!


Brilliant and definitely needed David. We can walk by and see the progress but also get the chef's commentary on this blog. I think you need to keep notes for your book "Chocolate - made from scratch" :)

Wendy W-B

BLU boy, you are so cool. I can't wait to walk from my office and join you for chocolate and coffee. Bloomington will never be the same again!

David J. Griego

I was in Bloomington this past September and enjoyed a delicious dessert that I can't seem to get out of my head. Can't wait for my next visit to Bloomington for some treats. Mozel Tov David Fletcher.

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